Everything is different in Covid times, now there’s even a metal-band releasing a new song at Christmas. And  no, it isn’t a Christmas single, far from it. The groove-metal formation Intero from Nijmegen unleashes new  music and a new music video on December 18th, entitled ‘Nocebo’. 

The veterans of Intero have been decimating the stage since 2005. This year their 15-year anniversary was  ruined by the Covid-19 crisis. 2020 already had a rough start for the band to begin with. With their guitarist  recovering from surgery, they worked with a substitute guitar player. When the virus invaded the Netherlands,  playing together became an impossibility entirely. 

But blood is thicker than water. Their guitar player made a full recovery, and his temporary replacement (Martin  van Beek – Lucifer’s Cold Embrace, ex Non-Divine) took up the mantle of producer. Working from home, they  wrote brand new songs. The members recorded their parts individually, which were forged into a single  coherent whole by van Beek. 

‘Nocebo’ refers to fear fueled by media. It’s about the way people can get so awash by information, they get  struck by hysteria. Nocebo’s tempo is faster than we’ve grown accustomed to from Intero over the last few  years. In this aspect the band hearkens back to their early days. A fresh element is introduced as well: a seven string guitar. The best of old and new is tied together with blistering aggression. 

For the music video the band joined forces with Tristan van Doorn, of Doorn Eden Films. The video was filmed  in an abandoned movie theater in Tiel, that went bankrupt during the first lock-down. Actor Ricardo Esser plays  the lead. The video premiered Friday December 18th on YouTube. The single ‘Nocebo’ will hit Spotify, iTunes  and all other major digital platforms at the same time as well.